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Red Sea Coastal Trip - 4 Days Trip- for group (of 6 Persons)

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Frequently referred to as the “Maldives of Saudi Arabia” this small coastal region brims with natural beauty.

With more than 100 small islands to explore, travelers can stroll along white-sanded shores, cooled by the breeze of ancient, swaying palm trees. In this technicolor paradise, crystal clear blue waters are home to gentle marine creatures swimming pleasantly between colorful coral reefs – all perfectly visible beneath a serene turquoise sea.

With flawless views of the sunset, Umluj beach is the ideal setting for horseback riding during golden hour. Enjoy a peaceful and scenic dinner on the shore as the beauty of the day melts into a starry night. Travelers can take tours around the vibrant city, where local restaurants feature a superb seafood selection. Fresh from the coast, explorers can enjoy authentic Arabic cuisine that’s both delicious and enchanting.

Package prices are per group.


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