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Wadi Tayeb Al Ism

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Wadi Tayeb Al Ism The valley of Moses About: Tayeb Al-Ism is one of the magical natural wonders of Saudi Arabia that takes visitors by surprise. This incredible natural feature of Tabuk Province is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, just 15 kilometers north of the coastal town of Maqna. How to visit: Tayeb Al-Ism is accessible by car but only from the south through the town of Maqna. It is forbidden to drive further north by the Red Sea so the southern access is the only one by road. It is also possible to get close to the eastern entrance of the wadi by car but then it requires a five-kilometer hike to reach the Red Sea. For more info please click on More Info Scroll down to find us on WhatsApp, in case of queries


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