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The Magic of Nature and Fragrant Heritage in Asir - 3 Days Trip

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History, art, good food, and nature, you will find it all in Abha city and the larger province of Asir. There are gems like the Shada palace and Al Raqdi private museum that celebrate Asiri life. 

In Al Muftaha village, you will see a mosque covered in calligraphy and village quarters with bright geometric art. The Unesco heritage village of Rijal Almaa will take you back in time when houses were of local stone, clay, and wood. These block buildings with small windows reflect the toughness of Aseri mountain life. An even starker glimpse of how to live in tough terrain is in Al Habala, a village that was earlier accessible only by a rope ladder. 

In Abha city, walk down Art Street to admire local art. You will never run out of options here.

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