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Umm AlHish The Empty Quarter Bride

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Your passion for adventure filling up your heart and the thirst for adrenaline rush overgrowing day by day! Having a deep desire to break your life routine and go wild? Then time to hit the road with Ghamra to the Rub’ al Khali ( the Empty Quarter). A one of a kind trip in which you unlock a new level of adventure, open a time capsule that takes you back in time to a land of sand where you can enjoy the virgin nature and have a break from the city hustle and bustle. In this trip we explore and traverse the desert of the empty quarter in a 5-day program. Indulge ourselves with its nature and scout every aspect of its beauty . In this tirp we will be enjoying a bunch of extraordinary activities, we will go star gazing at night, have outstanding dinner parties around the bonfire, we will even do sandboarding on the high dunes to keep the adrenaline rushing. And Who said you can’t swim in the desert?!With Ghamra, you can do anything, anywhere! As on the 2nd day, we will visit Um Al Hish lakes where we can have a swim to shake off the desert heat and chill our bodies in its cool water & enjoy some water activities.


Meeting point Riyadh
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SR 6,891.38