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Open skies and campfires at Rawdat Tinhat

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Open skies and campfires at Rawdat Tinhat. About: Rawdat Tinhat stands a leisurely 180km drive north of Riyadh; a forest haven for flora, fauna and visitors eager to get back to nature, recharge their batteries or see a different side to Arabia. Take an overnight or weekend jaunt during the cooler winter months to catch the countryside in full, glorious bloom, and the desert transformed into a carpeted green oasis. During daylight, the forest is a showcase of natural color and beauty ideal for exploring, but as sunset approaches head for the park’s perimeter to set up camp for the night. It’s a no-fuss and simple setting, and you can choose a prime spot among the patchwork of trees and bushes to pitch your tent. How to visit Rawdat Tinhat Rawdat Tinhat is easily accessible by car from the capital. Exit Riyadh via highway 550 before switching to highway 5323, and following signs to Rawdat Tinhat. Entry to the forest is free. Scroll down to find us on WhatsApp, in case of queries.


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