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Full day Khaybar from Madina

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We will leave this morning and drive to Khaybar, The last great ancient oasis. The oasis of Khaybar is located in the Madinah Province, 170 kilometers north of the city of Madinah, in a series of depressions that collects rain waters thanks to which palm trees are grown for millennia. Khaybar is surrounded by the lava fields called "harra(t)", the largest one, the Harrat Khaybar, is called after its name. Until today Khaybar benefits from permanent water points that surface at the lowest parts of the oasis and a lush vegetation can grow naturally there. From the numerous wells a complex system of irrigation canals is still used today to water the palm trees and offer a unique sight on how could have looked an Arabian oasis two thousand years ago. We will visit the ancient city of Khaybar. This is probably the best-preserved ancient oasis of Saudi Arabia as it is built in a natural depression that can be flooded, reason why the modern city was built further away. It is mention in a Neo-Babylonian text that tell its conquest in 552 BCE by Nabonidus, the last King of Babylon. It became in the year 7 of Islam an important battle place between the Muslim and the Jews that saw the troops of Mohamed (PBUH) and Ali victorious .Lunch en route Start Time : 09:00H End Time : 17:00H


Meeting point Madinah
Starts from
SR 1,729