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Explore the Eastern Region's cultural jewels

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Embark on a cultural journey through the three main vibrant cities in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Region: Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar that are all within driving distance of each other. Set out on a day trip filled with historical discoveries, artistic encounters, and scenic delights. From its modern, artistic marvels to traditional treasures, the Eastern Region offers a little something to everyone. Get picked up from the meeting point to start your epic journey to Ithra in Dhahran, which is a stunning cultural centre that has a very futuristic design. After Ithra, make your way to the Heritage Village in Dammam, which showcases the traditional way of life in Saudi Arabia. Meet the friendly locals and learn about regional customs and traditions before having a delicious meal there. After lunch, you will drive past significant landmarks such as the Al Khobar Water Tower and Seafront before arriving at Graffiti Art Street, a vibrant alleyway adorned with beautiful graffiti art. End the tour with a visit to the Taybeen Museum and gain insight into the history and the Islamic heritage of the Kingdom.


Meeting point Dammam
Starts from
SR 644