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Explore Aseer's flavours & history in Abha

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Embark on an exciting adventure and explore unique flavours in Abha. Start your tour on a sweet note by gaining some insight into the production process and different types of honey, which is an integral part of Aseer's culture. The honey farm features a small museum that allows guests to take a closer look at the tools, equipment and beekeeper's outfit that are used for honey extraction from the hives. Gain more insight into the life cycle of honey bees and check out the apiary, also called a 'Bee yard', where the insects are kept. At this farm, guests can also sample over 15 different types of honey and learn about their distinguishing characteristics, along with Saudi coffee and treats. Learn about Rijal Almaa's history, marvel at the stunning panoramic views and the traditional decor of the farm and take lots of photos to help you remember this fantastic place forever. Enjoy a refreshing cup of Saudi coffee and treats before visiting Rijal Almaa, a village brimming with history and culture. The village is one of the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia, which features around 60 palaces constructed from natural stone, clay and wood. Have lunch at Al Nozol Al Turatheyah, where you can enjoy a delicious spread of local dishes bursting with authentic flavours. Relish these lip-smacking treats while you bask in your beautiful surroundings.


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