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Making Rosary and Food Tasting Experience at Saudi Home

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This experience will transport you to lands that combine the craft of making prayer beads and learning about Meccan dishes and its rich culture at Nadia's home. During the experience of designing several types of jewelry such as prayer beads, bracelets, and necklaces, we will taste several dishes from traditional Meccan cuisine. While we immerse ourselves in the art of preparing rosary accessories, we will enjoy Saudi hospitality consisting of Saudi coffee served with dates and tea. During this trip, get ready to indulge in a feast containing special dishes of the Mecca region, starting with delicious appetizers such as crispy samosas, delicious grape leaves, and cabbage stuffed with rice. With a tasting of two main dishes from one of these dishes that you can select when you book the experience: Kabsa (white rice, fresh meat) Mandi meat (rice cooked with meat and spices) Manzala meat (meat cooked with tahini and tamarind) Muqalqal meat (meat cooked with vegetables) Meat pie (bread stuffed with meat) White rice with steamed kebab (cooked rice with meat and spices) My experience is not over yet. Finally, we will enjoy tasting the famous Meccan dessert, Saghdanah, a delightful mixture of Sajdanah seeds, sugar, and aromatic rose water, or classic desserts such as cream caramel, custard, and pudding.


Meeting point Makkah
Starts from
SR 518