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Jeddah City Tour with Lunch: Explore Culture, Art and History

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Visit Al Tayebat International City

A tour through history in the Al Tayebat International City for Science and Knowledge, A landmark that embodies human civilization through different eras and tells the pioneering historical era of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It includes three museums: the Al Tayebat International for Human Civilizations, the Home Arts Museum, and the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum. We enjoy exploring its lands because of the national culture and historical legacy of the Saudi, Islamic and international civilization.

Visit Obhur Beach

Enjoying a tour on Obhur Beach between white sands, clear waters, and unique marine life with water full of life, And coral reefs with bright colors, And nature of enchanting beauty. Elements that make Obhur Coast a natural wonder among the most prominent tourist sites in Saudi.


A cruise to explore the beauty of the Red Sea in a blend of luxury, culture, and summer relaxation. And the endless blue of the sky outside. We explore it to a captivating world of picturesque coral islands with white sand and sparkling waters of coastal fish


Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality

Visit the waterfront

A tour to enjoy the magic of sunset and the picturesque beauty of the Red Sea, exploring the Jeddah Corniche, with its long golden sandy beaches And its picturesque passages, One of the most prominent treasures of the city and its magnificent landmarks

Visit Al Rahma Mosque

An exploration of the architecture where the architecture of Islamic arts blended between the modern and the old in the Al Rahma Mosque (the Floating Mosque), It is considered the first of its kind in the world that was built on the surface of the sea, For more than three decades, To remain tall with its attractive circular shape and outer domes

Visit Jeddah Sculpture Museum

An enjoyable tour through which we explore the first open museum for aesthetic models in the Corniche, as it is one of the largest open museums in the world and includes the most diverse collections of public art in the world, as the range of works extends from traditional Arab designs to abstract art and monuments

Visit Jeddah Al-Balad

We stand on the edge of the majestic Gate of Mecca, We contemplate the features of the renewal and developmental architecture of its monumental walls that extend to the Middle Ages, And through it, we enjoy exploring its majestic houses, designed with a very distinctive and beautiful structure. Where it was built using coral reefs extracted from the depths of the Red Sea, And the bright balconies of exquisite colors known as mashrabiyat.

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