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Unveil the unique wonders of Taif

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Start your adventure with a glimpse into Taif's storied past at the Shubra Palace, where Ottoman and Egyptian architecture blend seamlessly with Hijazi style. Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Al Balad Market and experience the joy of shopping before basking in the solemn grace of Abdullah Ibn Abbas mosque. Visit the enchanting Al Shiokh Factory, where you will learn about all the products made of rose oil extract. Relish a delicious lunch, followed by a refreshing stroll along the scenic Jabal Lebnan, which offers breathtaking views of the landscapes. Add some sweetness to the tour by visiting the Strawberry farm and treating yourself to a generous helping of this succulent fruit before ascending to the majestic Al Shafa Mountain for more stunning panoramic city views. Finally, head to the Al-Sharif Heritage Museum to journey back in time, as it is home to several exciting exhibits that showcase the evolution of Saudi history and culture. As your day winds down, return to the gathering point with many memories of Taif's rich history, natural wonders, and irresistible flavours.


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