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Wadi Lajab Farms and Hiking Adventures

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Explore Jazan's splendid scenic beauty as you drive to the mesmerising Wadi Lajab, which is famous for its coffee and mangoes. The crater-like valley is nestled between two rocky mountains. It is hailed as a true wonder of nature, with gushing freshwater streams and stunning flora. Before diving into the coffee production process, take a step back to enjoy a relaxing hike around the area and replenish your spirit in your stunning natural surroundings. Marvel at the unique geographical formations as you stroll back to the farm to enjoy a delectable cup of coffee with traditional snacks. Learn the secrets of the perfect Saudi Arabian brew and learn about all the different varieties of coffee and how they are planted. You will be accompanied by the farm owner, who will walk you through all the steps involved in the process of coffee production. Watch your hosts show you the traditional tools and techniques of roasting the beans that will give you insight as to what makes Saudi coffee stand out. Besides observing, you can also assist and put what you've learned into practice and take this knowledge back home with you. Round off this experience with a live cooking show where you will watch how Haneeth is made, a tender, well-seasoned meat dish bursting with authentic flavours and aromas. It is the perfect introduction to Southern Arabian cuisine.


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