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Neom city is located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia and is known for its unique location on the Red Sea. The city boasts beautiful sandy beaches with clear blue waters that offer great opportunities for kayaking, diving, and swimming. The climate in Neom is moderate throughout the year, with average temperatures in the summer and cooler temperatures in the winter. This makes it an ideal destination for outdoor activities and sports such as diving, water skiing, camping, and hiking. The natural landscape surrounding Neom includes mountains, deserts, beaches, and wetlands, making it a comprehensive tourist destination. The mountains offer breathtaking views and beautiful sculpted terrain, providing opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. The deserts have vast sandy terrains and beautiful scenery, providing opportunities for sand skiing, camping in the wilderness, and safari trips. Furthermore, Neom city includes many wetlands and parks, providing opportunities to enjoy nature and relax. The sandy beaches offer kayaking, diving, swimming, and surfing opportunities, with beautiful views of the Red Sea and its rich marine and plant life. In general, Neom city has stunning natural scenery and diverse landscapes, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The city also offers a variety of entertainment and tourist facilities, such as luxury resorts, fine dining restaurants, and modern shopping areas, making it an ideal destination for vacations and holidays.


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