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Full Day Tour in Riyadh City

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Spend a marvelous day on a sightseeing tour in Riyadh. Your tour starts with a visit to the National Museum, a beacon of Saudi national heritage and culture. Today it is a place of learning and discovery that hosts a unique collection of artifacts and covers the whole history of the Arabian Peninsula up to the modern era. 

After this, you’ll continue to the nearby Murrabba Palace that used to be the royal residence where King Abdulaziz hosted his court. The palace was named after its square 40 by 40 meters shape and is now one of the city’s major museums. 

Adjacent to the palace, a modern building hosts a collection of King Abdulaziz’s personal items that we will briefly tour. These places are at the heart of the birth of the Saudi nation. Up next on the agenda is Lunch in the city, where you’ll delight your taste buds with a world of flavors. 

In the afternoon you’ll delve further into old Riyadh by going to the downtown area, visiting the old “Souq” the Dirah Souq famous for buying antique carpets and other useful Saudi heritage antiques, while walking you’ll smell sandal wood fragrance and the scents or orient. 

Then you’ll visit the Masmak Fort which is just walking distance from the Old Souq and whose importance is linked to the creation of the 3rd Saudi Kingdom, the modern one we live in. 

The fortified palace was built during the reign of Abdullah bin Rashid in the year 1895 A.D. to serve as military garrison for the Abdullah bin Rashid army. 

From there you’ll head to the famous Kingdom Tower and its Sky Bridge to see Riyadh from a panoramic viewpoint nearly 300 meters above the city.

More details:

  • This experience offers both shared and private tours. 
  • Both types of tours include transportation, a driver guide that speaks English or Arabic and entrance fees and lunch. 
  • Children up to 11 years old can benefit from a 30% discount. 

Experience Duration and Schedules

  • The full day sightseeing tour lasts 8 hours. 
  • The suggested pick up time for the shared tour is 8:30 am. 
  • The suggested pick up time for the private tours is 9 am. 
  • The shared tours are available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
  • The private tours are available daily throughout the week except Friday. 

Prices & Packages

  • Prices differ between shared and private tours. 
  • Prices are per person. 
  • Shared tour for 2 people: 566 SAR. 
  • Private tour for 2 people: 1,248 SAR. 
  • Private tour for 3 people: 874 SAR. 
  • Private tour for 4 people: 686 SAR. 
  • Private tour for 5 people: 574 SAR. 
  • Private tour for 6 people: 498 SAR. 

Get More Information

If you have questions or need more information in order to book this experience, please contact our customer support team via the options available under the ‘Need help?’ section on this page.

Cancellation Policy

Your booking can be canceled with a 100% guaranteed refund if you contact us at least 24 hours prior to your reservation time.


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