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Old Riyadh Tour & Sky Bridge

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We proceed into old Riyadh, starting in the downtown area, and visiting the traditional Dirah Souq (famous for buying antique carpets and other useful Saudi heritage antiques). The walk is infused with the aromas of sandalwood fragrance and other scents of the Orient. The Souq is known for men’s clothing and it is entertaining to watch the auction which takes place every Friday. After this, we visit the Masmak Fort which is just walking distance from the Old Souq and whose importance is linked to the creation of the 3rd Saudi Kingdom, the modern one we live in. The fortified palace was built during the reign of Abdullah bin Rashid in the year 1895 A.D. to serve as a military garrison for the army of Abdullah bin Rashid. His Majesty King Abdulaziz, the father of today’s nation, captured the fort in 1902, marking the beginning of the reconquest of Arabia by the House of Saudi. From there we will head to the famous Kingdom Tower and its Sky Bridge to see Riyadh from a panoramic viewpoint nearly 300 meters above the city. No. of pax min 2 Pax Start Time : 14h30 End Time : 19h30


Meeting point Riyadh
Starts from
SR 424