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Land of the Moon and Corals of the Red Sea - 3 Days Trip

Umm Lujj
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Umluj is often called the Maldives of Saudi Arabia. Once you see the sparkling blue Red Sea and the spotless white beach, you’ll know why. The seabed in Umluj has more live coral reefs than the Caribbean. In the clear water you will see hawksbill turtles, crabs, and 1,200 species of fish. 

After a boat trip, you will want to savor Umluj on your palate. With its fresh catch from the sea, and its local mango farms, Umluj won’t disappoint. This part of Saudi Arabia is a bit of a hidden gem. Be an early bird and have the beach to yourself.

Package prices are per person.


Meeting point Umm Lujj