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Let's ride the time machine and live in Taif between past and present

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Far from its charming atmosphere and towering mountains, it carries a lot of history between its alleys. A great Islamic history preceded by an authentic Arab civilization. A thousand-year-old palace and a castle that has stood against the wind for hundreds of years. The chapel of the Holy Prophet, and the mosque of the great companion, Rose gardens and strawberry farms Because there is so much to talk about and describe, come live in the moment. Itinerary. 8:00 am Departure from Mecca. 09:30 Arrive at Jabra Palace and disembark for 20 minutes. 10:30 Arrive at the Museum and disembark for 30 minutes. 11:15 Arriving at Al-Adas Mosque and disembarking from it for 20 minutes. 11:45 Arrive at Shubra Palace and disembark for 10 minutes. 12:00 Arrive at Al-Abbas Mosque and leave after noon prayer for lunch. 13:50 Arrive at the rose plantation and disembark for 30 minutes. 14:26 Get to and drop off at the strawberry farm for an hour. 15:26 Departure from Taif and head to Makkah.


Meeting point Taif
Starts from
SR 350