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Full Day Taif Tour with Lunch

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We will start our journey towards the downtown of the city. Our tour will lead us to a enjoyable drive to the majestic panoramic view of al Hatta mountain. We will pass by a Rose Farm and perfume factory. Stop to see “Al Kaki Palace” from there we head back to mountains of Taif located over the Al Hatta Mountains above Mecca and on the Eastern slopes of the Al-Sarawat mountains. We drive heading to have a traditional meal stop at one of the good local restaurants. The city of Taif, has a cool and green. In summer, Saudi people as well as GCC citizens travel to TAIF for its Green nature and its weather, its beautiful scenery and the town’s relaxed atmosphere.Visit to the Jebel Daka Mountain & Al Shafa Mountain view point, enjoy the mountain in th high.The old stone paths, cars that passing though the road from Al Hada, seeing the Cable Car. From there we move back on our way to the city of JEDDAH. Start Time : 09:00H End Time : 18:00H


Meeting point Taif
Starts from
SR 874