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Travel to the Moon: Astronomical Observation Experience

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The moon plays an important part in our lives, having had many effects on culture, religion, science, and even human psychology. Myths and stories have been written about it, making you feel mysterious at times and romantic at other times. We still use it to define our days, as in the Islamic calendar. We observe it on wilderness trips, it travels with us, just as our ancestors did when they made it a companion on their journeys. Therefore, we have arranged this trip for you to observe the blue giant moon, where the moon will be in its orbit closest to Earth and larger than its natural size. Don't worry! You will see all the details you can imagine through the special telescope, including the moon's mountains, rivers, and all the terrain you can't see with your naked eye. You will also learn everything related to the supermoon with the astronomer expert M. Luay Yar.


Meeting point Jeddah
Starts from
SR 125