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Find Your Inner Peace with this Uplifting Healing Circle (Women Only)

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Embrace the power of unity and healing vibes with this uplifting group experience designed for women. Over the course of four sessions you will participate in a women’s healing circle as you embark on an inner journey of self-discovery which will help you find your inner peace. The first session will deal with how pain can be an opportunity for healing. It includes breathing exercises designed to release your emotions. The second session is about self-compassion and self-care, you will communicate with the inner child within you to establish a deeper connection with yourself. The third session is about the natural rhythm within you and your relationship to nature. It includes different exercises designed to help you connect with your body. The fourth session is designed to develop your communication and relationship with sound. It includes singing exercises as you learn to connect to your voice.


Meeting point Jeddah
Starts from
SR 180